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For students interested in studying in Australia, Bhrikuti International Educational Consultancy offers multiple services ranging from University Selection to Travel Management. One of our main motto is to help the students study, work and live better in Australia. Australia offers a diversified range of academic courses for foreign students. Students can choose from more than 1,200 institutions and more than 22,000 courses. Bhrikuti International Consultancy guides you in selecting the course you prefer so you can always flourish in your profession.

Our Services

Bhrikuti International Educational Consultancy is committed in helping you succeed in your academic journey abroad. We provide academic counselling to the students across all the disciplines. Our professional counselors can complement your abroad study experience by helping you realize your strengths and guide you to select the best programs.

Bhrikuti International Educational Consultancy assist you in planning your academics and career at the same time. Our professional counselors will direct you in making decisions about what you’ll be studying and what work or training you can or should be doing. Also, we will help you to plan your abroad study journey in a way that your work-life-study balance will be maintained.

Almost all International Universities program requires a student to be proficient in English. These universities requires the proficiency test for the students We offer free IELTS classes for our students and ensure them get required score to get admission on the university of their choice.

Every successful visa apply begins with a proper document preparation. Every Successful visa grant depends on the proper preparation of Academic, Financial and Medical documents. Our team of professionals will help you in preparing documents you need to support your application for an education visa in your destination of choice.

Why Australia?

Australia has always been the best choice for international students. By selecting Australia for your further academic study, you will join hundreds of thousands of like-minded young students from all over the globe.

World Class Universities

World Class Universities:

Australia has one of the world class universities whose degree carries a lot of prestige.

Diverse Society

Diverse Society:

Unlike other destinations, the population of Australia is diverse which help the students to experience a multicultural setting.

Professional Opportunities

Professional Opportunities:

Being one of the world’s largest economy, the Australian Job Market can offer tons of possibilities for young graduates.

Education System of Australia

Australian Education system is one of the most dynamic compared to others. The primary language used in colleges and university is English. Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degrees are the three categories in the higher education system of Australia. To enhance the experience of the foreign students, Australian government has established a regulatory agency for higher education.

Area of Study

Arts & Media

Aviation, Engineering & IT

Business & Commerce


Fees and Cost

The cost and fees depends on different variables like home country, university and health insurance. To manage the expenses and cost while studying, you will also be able to work for a part-time. Your living expenses will also differ according to your lifestyle and location.

Scholarship Opportunities

There are lots of scholarships and grants in Australia for international students. The scholarship are being provided to the students of almost all the nationality by both private and public sources. Australia Awards Scholarships, Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship Awards and International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS) are some of the popular scholarship awards among the international students.

Rules and Obligations of Student Visa

  1. Foreign students in Australia on a legitimate student visa can work for up to 20 hours per week during college session while there is no restriction on hours per week during the recognized school vacations.
  2. Students are expected to pursue their study program authorized by the Australian government.
  3. Students must meet all the requirements of the academic program they are enrolled in.
  4. The attendance of the student must be fulfilled required by the University or College.

Job Opportunities

Australia has been the biggest market for jobs as the country has a short of skills currently. Both students and graduates can select from multiple job options. For the students who are currently enrolled in their studies, they will be able to work for less than 20 hours per week while there is no hour limit during vacations. With the quality academic programs upon graduation the graduates can compete globally for job opportunities.

Climate and Weather

Due to diverse geography, Australia has different climate zones. The climate and weather are opposite of those in Nepal. December and January are the hottest months in Australia while July and August are the coldest.

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